Gold Bars

One of the advantages of using bullion as a store of value and an investment is their exceptionally high liquidity. In addition, the purchase and sale of such gold is not subject to VAT, which significantly increases its investment attractiveness. One of the most important points is that gold retains its value. This means that the purchasing power of gold remains unchanged.


We produce our gold bullion at ANTAM’s precious metal refinery, Logam Mulia. Logam Mulia’s fine gold products are in accordance with international standard purity of 999.9 of gold and are certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The gold bars participating in our sales program are made of exceptionally high-quality gold weighing 1 kg:

Weight / Width / Length

1000 gr. / 51 mm / 116 mm







Free from any stains and (or) damage.

The depth of the cleared places


No more than one millimeter.



​No more than five millimeters.

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