Project History

Aurora Group has significant mining experience in Papua, with our team working in Papua for over a decade, including helicopter logistics to remote areas and local community mining support and projects.

​Aurora Group's team began exploration work and trial mining in the area of its concession on the Derewo River in Papua in 2011. In addition to exploration and mining activities, Aurora Group also rents out helicopters and helps with delivery logistics for local communities and miners in the area. The area is quite difficult to reach, and can only be accessed by a long river journey, helicopter or small aircraft with a capacity of under 1 ton.

​The gold mining location is in the east of the Nabire district, and can only be accessed via a 12 hour boat trip from the city of Nabire. This isolated location means that local people are significantly disadvantaged and have many daily needs that are not being met by the state. The Aurora team helps and teaches local communities to apply better farming methods and livestock raising practices, so that agricultural products and livestock can be consumed locally, sold to Aurora at the mining site, or transported, with Aurora's assistance on the empty return leg, and sold in Nabire.

Our original motivation to go to Indonesian Papua was that Papua New Guinea has over 20 significant mines, but Indonesian Papua, which has roughly the same land mass, only has one mine, but the same massive, but as yet unrealized, potential - which we are now working on fulfilling.

Conclusions made on the basis on conducted work on various alluvial river sediments:

  • 24 months operations with test plants at two locations (109 kg of gold recovered)

  • 3.5 to 6 grams per ton