We produce gold in two forms: bullion and commemorative totems weighing 1 kg, strictly without the use of mercury, cyanide or other chemicals. Gold bullion and totems, depending on the scale of production, are made by filling and continuous casting methods.

The main requirement for casting technology is to create conditions for directional solidification of bullion from the bottom up to the liquid metal zone. This requirement is most fully satisfied by casting in water-cooled molds and jet-free casting.

The pouring speed is regulated by using funnels with a fixed number and diameter of holes. The rate of rise of the metal level in the mold is taken close to the rate of crystallization of the metal. When casting, lubricants close to the composition are used.

A characteristic feature of casting bullion and totems is the need for significant overheating of the melts, since they have low heat capacity and high thermal conductivity.

Our bullion and totems are produced at ANTAM’s precious metal refinery, Logam Mulia. Logam Mulia’s fine gold products are in accordance with international standard purity of 999.9 of gold and are certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).