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Atomik combines all the qualities of a modern motorcycle, which is comfortable and safe to use every day. And then adds all of the main advantages provided by an electric motorcycle:


Silent operation of electric motorcycles can be considered as an advantage.
But not all fans of fast driving are ready to shock the public with the sound of a roaring engine. Or prevent people from relaxing by driving into the courtyard late at night. Or notify all other participants in the movement about their approach. A separate category of bikers who appreciate motorcycles with an electric motor for their noiselessness are fans of night races in the city.


Due to the powerful (5-8 kW) electric motors and the absence of a gearbox, electric motorcycles are rapidly gaining speed and are able to accelerate to 130-150 km / h.


No need to refuel with gasoline, change the engine oil, and charging the battery is by far the cheapest way to "fuel" a motorcycle.

Easy operation

The electric motor does not require as much maintenance and running-in, and practically does not wear out.


"All this makes the electric motorcycle an ideal vehicle for a variety of purposes: urban travel, sports or long-distance travel."

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