Sales data shows that motorcycle sales in ASEAN are exceptionally high with total sales in 2018 equaling to 13,645,063 units. This is a very promising market which provides a very large profit opportunity and returns of capital in a short time.
Electric motorcycles are of particular interest because the price is almost same as conventional motorcycles while reducing air pollution and reducing fuel cost because they do not rely on petrol.


Indonesia is the number one country with the most motorcycle sales in ACEAN. Quoted from, Corporate Development Vice President of PT Pertamina Lubricants, Mohamad Zuchri, through his presentation said that the number of motorcycles in Indonesia has reached 137.7 million units to date.
Even though the population of Indonesia in 2018 is 260 million. The number of motorcycle ownership reaching 137.7 million indicates that the number of two-wheeled vehicles has reached half of Indonesia's population.




Anyone visiting Bangkok will know that a lot of motorcycles are crowding the roads, they regularly seem to form "wild bunches" at traffic lights. When the sign turns to "green" it is a sight to behold.

Numbers for 2018 : 2,063,076 motorcycles produced. Exports : 886,275. Domestic Sales : 1,788,323.


Motorbikes remain the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam, which has a population of around 92 million people and 45 million registered motorcycles, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Vietnam one among the largest motorcycles markets by sales in the world, after China, India and Indonesia. 




Last year, MDPPA members achieved 21% annual sales growth with a total of 1,580,926 units sold last year.  This is a significant gain from 2017's reported 1.3 million units.


Compared to other Southeast Asian markets, the Philippine market is not yet saturated, providing many investment opportunities and having space for further development.


Malaysia Motorcycles Industry kept recovering in the 2018 and scored the third growth in a row with 471.782 sales, up a robust 8.5% from the previous year. overtaking the United States in the World Ranking gaining the 13th place. 

Perspectives are positive for the next 5 years, considering the use of scooters/street motorcycles use as primary private and commercial mobility vehicles and the growth of the premium segment, strictly related with the growth of middle class revenue and the love for motorcycles, constantly growth in the country in the last decades.