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Atomik Aurora Motors is an innovative manufacturer, working in the field of high technologies, and in collaboration with technical universities and laboratories in Russia and other countries engaged in the development and production of high-tech and innovative solutions for the design and production of electric passenger vehicles.


Our projects are based on present-day needs, but also account for future developments, such as the internet of things and other technologies that will allow our customers and partners to benefit from their dream transport solutions - which will ensure their safety on the road and their comfort - these are our company's main priorities.

With each subsequent generation of our vehicles, we improve the technical and safety characteristics by equipping them with optimally useful technological solutions that improve comfort and make vehicle operation easier and safer. Our technological solutions are at the cutting edge of electric passenger vehicle innovation.

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"Our mission is the development, production, and supply to the population of ASEAN countries of high-quality electric vehicles based on world-class technology and of the highest safety."

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