The main reason why the demand for electric motorcycles is growing, making them a profitable and promising business - is their environmental friendliness and unmatched economics. People began to think about clean air and the importance of ecology for health. ASEAN countries are also starting to take a responsible approach to the environment.

Why is it important?

In ASEAN, 75% of the market is occupied by motorcycles, there are more of them today than cars . Link to the market analysis.

Motorcycles pollute the air with lead and many other harmful impurities. Considering that in ASEAN people use motorcycles for 12 months a year, this has a catastrophic effect on the entire planet. Atmospheric layers are destroyed, leading to global warming and climate change.

In the same region, there are such world-class resorts such as Bali, Phuket, Pattaya, and others. Millions of tourists come there every year from Europe, UK, USA, Australia and other countries throughout the world. People come for the tropical climate and fresh fruit by the sea, but in fact, they breathe smog from millions of motorcycles that cause irreparable harm to their health.


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"If emissions are reduced, then billions of people will be sure about their health and safety. Atomik strive to be part of these positive changes."